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Skinny Wimp Moving Co. is Oxnard's premier movers. We know the people of Oxnard take great pride in their community and we enjoy keeping up and exceeding with such great standards.

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Whether you are visiting briefly, attending a convention, or reside here, there are many things to do, see and enjoy. Our history mirrors that of many other cities in this wonderful State of California, but we have our own unique features.

In the years since incorporation in 1903, Oxnard has gone from cattle grazing, to sugar beets and beans, to orchards, to more intensive farming with several crops grown in a single year, to servicing the defense industry, and finally to diversified industrial, housing, and commercial development.

We have developed a General Plan for the City that strikes a balance between the beauty of our agricultural heritage, while continuing to accommodate dynamic changes.

Our population has grown significantly in the last fifty years providing many challenges to local government and to our residents, while offering many opportunities for our enterprising, forward-thinking business people. Through all these changes, Oxnard has remained a "business-friendly" community.

A brand new, state- of- the art high school opened in 1995. A new junior high school and several new elementary schools have recently been completed. We have many recreational amenities including city tennis courts and the River Ridge Public Golf Course.

Our area has the only deep water port between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Amtrack and Greyhound bus services operate out of our modern Transportation Center. Our local general service airport provides commuter flights to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Many new shopping areas have also been developed. Our downtown has been enhanced with the development of Heritage Square, a collection of historic houses that have been relocated and refurbished and we also have plans for a new multiplex theater in downtown.

We invite you to come and enjoy our beautiful city with a mediterranean-style climate.

Whether you plan to visit, to stay, or to explore, there are many opportunities awaiting you here in Oxnard!

Situated along a beautiful stretch of Pacific coastline, Oxnard is the largest city in Ventura County. The City is located about 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles and 35 miles south of Santa Barbara.

As you enter Oxnard, the first thing you're likely to spot is the surrounding farmlands. With its patchwork of crops and orchards nestled along a narrow coastal plain, Oxnard boasts some of the richest agricultural land in California. A mix of climate, rich topsoil, adequate water and a long harvest season provide favorable conditions for such high-value crops as strawberries. Farmers can often grow double, sometimes triple, crops on the same piece of land during a year.

With such fertile lands, it stands to reason that Oxnard enjoys temperate weather throughout the year. In fact, weather conditions here remain fairly constant:

Average annual high temperature: 73 degrees
Average annual low temperature: 51 degrees
Average annual rainfall: 14.75 inches