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Meet our Movers

At Skinny Wimp Moving Co. we realize the importance of our movers.

Lance Clauson

Lance family portrait

This is Lance and his 3 kids: Dylan, Makenna and Drew. Besides his children, Lance's #1 concern is quality. Lance makes sure that all the movers are constantly vigilant in handling and protecting the customer's items with care. Hustling is a close second.

Cory Ethridge

Cory portrait and Cory marine picture

Cory is our most technical mover. There isn't anything he can't disassemble or reassemble. He accounts his building skills to being a helicopter mechanic in the Marines for 8 years. Cory is a close second to Luke in being our hardest, most dedicated worker. Like Luke, he would work all day everyday if we would let him.

Tim Merrick

Tim portrait and Tim taking the skinny wimp moving test

Tim is Skinny Wimp's own genius. He graduated high school at 16 years old and is now moving to help pay his way through school. Pictured above is Tim getting ready to start taking the Skinny Wimp Moving test.

Glenn Dudley

Glenn portrait and Glenn and his family

Glenn was born and raised in Ventura. He was an All-Star Quarterback at Buena High School. After graduating, he fell in love with surfing and snowboarding. He is shown above with his wife and son.

Bryan Curry

Bryan portrait and Bryan and his girlfriend

Bryan moved from Tennessee to California to attend Eternity Bible College. He enjoys surfing, hanging out with his girlfriend and going to church. While living in Tennessee, Bryan moved high end antique furniture for an auction company.

Ryan Walker

Ryan portrait and Ryan snowboarding

Ryan moved to California to go to Eternity Bible College. Ryan is possible our strongest and nicest mover. Ryan enjoys snowboarding and he is currently training to become an MMA fighter.

Luke Thompson

Luke portrait and Luke and his sister

Luke was born and raised in Indiana. After high school he decided to chase his dream of living and surfing in California. Luke is our hardest worker. He would work 12 hour days 7 days a week if we would let him. We think he likes working more than surfing. Pictured with Luke is his sister from Indiana.

Kevin Neely

Kevin Portrait and Kevin and his dad and brother during a fishing trip

Kevin enjoys fishing in Alaska with his family. He also likes playing baseball and striking out batters with his 90mph fastball. Being 6'4", 220 pounds, he can pretty much lift anything in your house on his own.

Rob Fisher

Rob portrait and Rob in a suit

Rob grew up in Ventura County and is currently attending college to become a nurse. He is a very soft spoken, easy going guy who works his tail off.